Julie Rosier

Julie Rosier

RYT 500 hours

Yoga Tune-Up® Teacher 2018

Esther Myers’ YTT 1998-2000

Kripalu Yoga Center YTT 1996

Acu-Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching Yoga since 1997

I have been teaching Yoga for a long time...over 20 years. My practice and my teaching practice grow and change with time.   When I first started teaching, I made a mission statement of sorts. The number one thing on my list was to create a sense of community in my classes. 20 years later, I think that is what makes my classes special.

I think self reflection, stillness and meditation are important but without a group to process it with it can be lonely and not a very effective path. We are human beings, we need each other. And the yoga process is fuller with a community.

My teaching style is accessible and friendly.  Students feel comfortable to alter poses to suit their needs; either to an easier pose or a harder pose.  Students are part of the lesson planning. At the beginning of each session, we discuss as a group what we want to do and where we want to go with the practice.  This really is student directed teaching. I am a better teacher because of the connection I have with my students and the comfort my students have with themselves, in the group and in their bodies.

I have trained with many great teachers over the years, including Esther Myers, who empowered me to own my teaching and to really teach to who is in the room.  My latest discovery and source of nourishment is the world of Yoga Tune-Up®. Jill Miller and her band of teachers are smart and talented. I am glad to be able to now consider myself a part of that group. I was certified a Yoga Tune-Up® teacher in the winter of 2018. It required lots of workshop work, homework and teaching.  It is such a lovely addition to the blend of yoga and movement that we were already doing in class. Please come and try it out.  

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