Letter of 1/17/2022 New YouTube Videos!


Hey Yoga Friends!I have added a few short videos to youtube!

The Stand Up Thing-Worried about balance? Start working on this. This is from Katy Bowman.  We have been practicing it for a while.  If it is too hard, I included some easier options as well.  https://youtu.be/njW5Wl0C8-g (only 4 minutes long!)

The Standing Foot Stretch-This is a new stretch we have been practicing.  We had to figure out a way to stretch the toes for folks who can’t sit on the heels and do "toe torture”.  I like it.  Keep those toes pliable and awake!https://youtu.be/bRuKtCUnXCU (less than 5 minutes)

The Foot Roll- another good one for your feet..which means it is good for balance, circulation, and gait!https://youtu.be/DpoRoLj79cE (6minutes)

A Short Practice for Debbie-but you might like it, too.  A short but sort of complete practice with some work on the floor and some standing. Try it.https://youtu.be/XyU9ndgiRtw (24 minutes)

And just in case you missed this one that I posted in December…Nasal Clearing and Alternate Nostril Breathing.  We have been doing this practice to start and end each class.  If you are chronically congested, try doing the nasal clearing for a longer amount of time.  Instead of 3 times, try 6.  Also, instead of pinching the nostrils, try lightly covering it.  Or even just imagine the alternating movement of the breath. https://youtu.be/JERF7i7IXjk (10 minutes)  

For more info about breathing,  see James Nestor’s book, Breath-The New Science of a Lost Art.

See you in class! It is never too late to start yoga. Can’t commit? The occasional class will make a difference. So, drop in sometime!