Letter of 4/4/2021 Yoga tune-Up Class Techniques Handout


Thanks for signing up for the Yoga Tune-Up class.This is a new class for me and I hope you will help me teach it.  

Unlike our usual classes, where I come up with the day’s lesson plan based partly on requests I get before class, this class will follow more of a schedule. But we can talk about questions or suggestions or whatever before class (and during), so show up early if you can.  I will open the meeting at 8:45.  

I plan to cover all of the body parts so you have a complete tool kit for self care. If you have Jill Miller’s book, The Roll Model, you might want to pull it out as an extra reference.  Since this is a new process for me, I haven’t totally mastered how long it will take us to get through each body section-but we will fill in with extra stuff if needed or catch up the following week.  

We will start the first class with feet and lower legs.  This will be familiar for most of you who have been in class with me (and therefore a little easier for me to teach on the first week).   I don't have any fancy video equipment for this, so I am leaving it up to you to give me feed back about clarity and ball placement.  You know I like questions and comments, so if you can’t tell what I am doing…un-mute yourself!

You should plan to have a variety of balls-at least a set of Originals or Plus in the tote, an Alpha, and a Coregeous ball.  If you prefer something softer, like a Franklin Ball, that works, too. Things, like blocks, straps, blanket etc will be helpful.  There are few movements that require a wall or a chair (a hard “wooden” chair would be best). I will try to alert you in advance if you need a chair.  

Almost all of the moves we do on the floor can be done at the wall.  So, please be creative or ask for advice.  The first Yoga Tune-Up class I took at Kripalu was called The roll Model Method-Ball Sequencing and Innovation and the teacher, Dinneen Viggiano (who I have now taken several trainings with), kept saying “Innovate! Innovate!”  And just as a BIG reminder, it doesn’t have to hurt for it to work.  If it feels very intense, back off, do less, use the wall…You know the drill.

Thanks as always, for all of your support.  And a big thanks to Harriet for encouraging me to teach this class. I sent the Zoom link with all of the other links.  But if you can’t find it let me know.  If you are also taking the 10 am Gentle class, you will have to leave this meeting before you can sign in to the next one.  

Below is a great handout from the folks at Yoga Tune-Up. I would encourage you to print it up so you can study it.  Once you start to learn these different techniques, you can apply them to different body parts. I may be sending more emails for this class, since I can’t just open a book and share an anatomy picture.  So, make sure you have added me to your address book. I think that is everything.  If you have any question, send me an email.Julie