Letter of 2/17/2021 More Info about Breathing with Excerpt from James Nestor's Book--Breath


Hello Yoga friends,

I have been thinking about breathing and one of the good things to come from the pandemic is more interest in how to breathe better. Woo-hoo.  This is why we have been doing the alternate nostril practice in class lately.

It can also be useful to practice breathing more deeply.  Place your hands on your body (lower belly, ribs, side ribs, or back) and try to feel your breath (or really the movement of the breath) with your hands. You can do this in poses, while resting, while standing, wherever. I saw an article about using this hands on practice to help resolve breathing difficulties after covid. And I thought, it must be harder to “get" this if you had never experienced it while you were well. But I often think that the body awareness skills we develop in yoga is so useful for so many things.

Unrelated to breathing, I have updated my web page.  It now has a great page called resources https://yogawithjulie.com/resources.html with my favorite books and other things, and a new page called Supplies https://yogawithjulie.com/supplies.html.  If you are looking for yoga gear, there are some links on there.

And I have added a new page called Letters https://yogawithjulie.com/Letters-from-Julie/index.html where I have included the emails I have sent since last march.  If you are looking for an article link that I have shared, it should be on there. I plan to add even more of the older emails I have shared to this as a resource for you as well as for me.  There are some good things to read that you may have missed.

Happy Reading,


PS Last class of this session is March 25.  Need a Zoom link? Email me.  

Need a class?…Try YouTube.  This week in class Nancy recommended doing the Make Your Arms and Shoulders Happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Fvv23pIYI&t=165s followed by the Moon Salutation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLPKlIR-FB0&t=56s