Letter of 1/24/21 A variety of articles including one about Back Pain Relieving Moves and Post Covid Breathing tips


Hey Yoga friends, 

I know this is an odd mix of articles, but these are some of the things I have been reading and thinking about lately.  If you saw the Inauguration last week, You probably heard Amanda Gorman’s amazing poem.  This interview that Kim suggested to me is not too long.  I really like how she talks about her creative process and the power of words.  If you have been in class with me you know that I, too, think the words we use are important especially when we are talking about our bodies.  Speak kindly about your body…its the only one you have!  



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Anderson Cooper interviews poet Amanda Gorman on YouTube


36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You're Stretching


Great information in this.  

How I Dealt with the Covid-19 Aftershocks in My Body — Threes Physiyoga Method


Top 10 Back Pain Relieving Moves | Yoga Journal by my friend and teacher Dinneen Viggiano-We will be doing some of these in class for sure.https://www.yogajournal.com/back/top-10-back-pain-relieving-moves/

Why your most important relationship is with your inner voice | Psychology | The Guardian -I found this really interesting.  


I liked the last part:

Which technique should the pandemic-anxious deploy? “Well, one that I personally rely on is temporal distancing,” he says. This requires a person to look ahead: to see themselves determinedly in the future. Studies show that if you ask those going through a difficult experience how they will feel about it in 10 years’ time, rather than tomorrow, their troubles immediately seem more temporary. Does this really help him? “Yes, it does. I ask myself how I am going to feel a year from now, when I’m back in the office, and I’m seeing my colleagues, and travelling again, and taking my kids to soccer – and it gives me hope.”

It is, as he says in his book, a form of time travel: a mental Tardis that, if only we can manage to board it, may make everything from a bereavement right down to a silly argument seem less brutal, just a little easier to bear.