Letter of 5/25/2020 Yoga News on Memorial Day Lung Meridian Picture


Hello Yoga Friends,I hope you all are continuing to practice good self care in these tough times. I have talked to a few people who have mentioned that it is really beginning to wear on them….I think that must be "developmentally appropriate”. I expect there are stages and ups and downs and that most of us are feeling the same kinds of things…maybe at different times and maybe in slightly different ways. But I have to think we are all going through a new way of living and being and somedays it is harder than others.  Remember, seek help if you need it.  I also really think maintaining a “regular” schedule can help. Get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. And of course DO SOME YOGA.

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This picture is an excerpt from Michael Gach’s book Acu-Yoga.  I studied with Micheal years ago. The variation we do in Mountain pose where we cross the arms over the chest, came from this practice. The excerpt explains that it is connecting the beginning and the end of the lung meridian.  I know I really like this position and thought you all might enjoy the back story.

And here are the articles.

I have included two different Katy Bowman links.  One has an interesting class that you use the wall for.  It has some great arm stretches. The other is the link to all of the stronger pelvis (a.k.a. better balance) articles.

In Place, Wall Space Class by Katy Bowmanhttps://www.nutritiousmovement.com/in-place-wall-space-class/?fbclid=IwAR134-H508VpK1DrESu5L78wj33wuoZbWVbgxIn1LQJo9kpMtg9DsJyFgqQ

Nutritious Movement Healthy Pelvis Resourceshttps://www.nutritiousmovement.com/our-best-healthy-pelvis-resources/?mc_cid=8fbc6e5ed5&mc_eid=6758151b15

Kripalu Center has lots of free articles and downloads, plus recipes and articles.  Plus they have a subscription for their online classes.