Letter of 5/11/2020 Yoga News -More videos on You tube


Hey Everybody! 

Here's my mother’s day card from Dylan and the dogs!

I am adding some more videos to YouTube Including some Yoga Tune-Up ball rolling.  While on the YouTube page you can “subscribe” to my channel and you will automatically get updates as things are added.  Today the upload seems especially slow, so there will be more videos over the next few days.  Not sure what to watch? Well, there is a complete gentle class, but also a lot of short videos of how to do poses. I don’t usually do yoga videos for my practice, but I do use them to help me learn new moves or to inspire my practice. I have tried to have some videos that suit both of these needs-“do along” and "inspiration".  If there are things you would like to see on a video that you can use or you can't remember how to do it, let me know and I can make that happen.

Here’s the link to the most recent video:https://youtu.be/lZJkhxzVDcI

And here is a reminder to re-watch/read this article about Breathing from Katy Bowman.


Older and Stuck at Home? Expert Advice on Fitness - The New York Timeshttps://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/22/well/move/coronavirus-exercise-seniors-older-home.html?campaign_id=18&emc=edit_hh_20200511&instance_id=18378&nl=well®i_id=73883435&segment_id=27203&te=1&user_id=3d2fd69ec69dfbf75e9933462c158a8f

Integrative RestorationI get the emails from a group called iRest https://www.irest.org/. Richard Miller is one of the originators of this group of teachers. Esther Myers studied with Richard a long time ago. It is from Richard that Esther learned the hand mudras that I still teach in class.  iRest has done a lot of work with veterans (and others) to use Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) to deal with stress and post traumatic stress disorder. They are offering a lot of free guided relaxations. If you follow this link to vimeo, you can see a lot of other guided relaxations.

Self as Awareness by Leigh Blashki on Vimeo