Letter of 4/16/2020 Yoga News and More Articles/Podcasts for you!


Helloooooo Yoga Friends!Another week has gone by and I have started marking the days off on my calendar to keep track of where I am in the week. Life is progressing even if it is not the way we expected spring to be.  Phoebe is getting bigger and bigger and seeming more and more like a dog and not just a puppy.  Her teeth are still razor sharp and we are diligently working on the "no bite" practice.  She gets to play with our Goldie but also a friend’s dog, Simone who is just a few years old. They have a big time together chasing around the yard.  

We have been doing extra baking and cooking around our house. We have made homemade bread twice from Mark Bittman’s No Knead bread recipe (see link below).  It is delicious.  Thanks to Linda Satterfield for sharing her bread picture. It inspired us. This is Dylan’s first time making bread and he is quite pleased about it. He made homemade pizza two weeks ago, as well.

It sounds like you are all being creative and settling in to the current rhythms of life.  I especially like the feed back about gratitude and what you are all thankful for.  I am also hearing how accomplished many of you are at doing our yoga practice at home. Kim tells me she and her niece, who is living in Dubai, are doing yoga “together” and it is going great. Years ago, my teacher Esther Myers told us that her teacher Mary Stewart said that the reason we teach is so our students can practice.  And I think it is not practicing to get “better” but just practicing to do it and feel it and be confident enough to make our way through the practice. This is a great skill to have.  And if you haven’t made your way onto the mat, yet. I think you will be surprised when you do, the your body knows the way like a familiar path.

As usual, I have included lots of article below. I have included 2 podcasts from the Nutritious Movement website. If you are tired of reading, listen instead. 

I have some new fancy straps for sale made by the daughters of Debbie in the Tuesday morning class. The straps are made to be just like the short blue hugger mugger straps that are usually in my strap bag in class. I know some of you like these a LOT. If you want one, let me know which color.  

The Spring Session was officially supposed to start next week. I would like to try a few zoom classes.  It seems to be the easiest video meeting platform to use for everyone. I think it will have its challenges (LOTS). But I think it will ultimately be worth it.

Part of why I want to zoom is to catch up with people. So, possibly the first week would be half social/ half yoga. Sort of like the first class of the session. I am thinking we will do two classes per week. Tuesday and Thursday Mornings at 10.  Ideally the Tuesday class will be the more “advanced” class and the Thursday will be the “gentle”. I will try to add an evening class, as well. But I haven’t quite figured that out yet.  If you have not used zoom for a class or meeting, I will send an invite and it will be pretty self explanatory. Just as a reminder, we will all be able to see you if you have your camera on. So, if you haven’t played with a laptop or iPad or even a phone and the camera, you might practice a little.

I will send an email with more zoom info as we get closer to the class.

Miss you!  Julie

Bread Bakinghttps://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/11376-no-knead-bread?fbclid=IwAR1uWHCwnI1f3VNRjL-is_GkHFakjm-lGuZeEefVkssp7ZMIPCzVOhryJGQ

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