Letter of 3/15/2020 Yoga Classes Cancelled!


Dear Yoga Friends!

Sadly, Yoga is no longer a group activity but a home practice.  Classes are cancelled. I was going to cancel for two weeks, but the meeting house has closed completely for an "undetermined amount of time".  I went yesterday and collected all of the yoga supplies including the blankets and blocks…and washed and sanitized them. That was depressing.  I thought I might be able to use the space even if I wasn’t teaching to shoot a few videos…but now I am trying to figure out how to do it from home…maybe from the back yard.

I am looking at some options for how to continue to share Yoga with you and will let you know in the next day or two what I decide.  

I encourage all of you to practice each week at your regular class time.  And maybe add some extra movement and yoga to your day. The weather is beautiful and spring is really here.  This is the perfect time to do some gardening and walking and bird watching.  Look through your desk and see if you can find some yoga handouts or even some coloring sheets. I will email articles and things for you to read and study.  This is a great opportunity to try to develop a home practice.  

I know this is a difficult and stressful time for everybody.  Practice your self care skills.  Eat well. Exercise. Take time to be creative. Read. Don’t overindulge in any one thing (especially the NEWS).  Do more yoga.  Use your Yoga Tune-Up balls. Watch or read something funny. Connect virtually with friends.

I do have Yoga Tune-Up supplies for sale, including straps.  

I am attaching a few links below.  Please let me know what you would like to see from me and how I can help.

I will miss everybody and hope we can continue our community in a virtual sort of way.

Take care and keep in touch. 

Much love.

PS as part of the tracking the virus…if you test positive and you have been to class…please let me know.

This is not a Snow Day https://medium.com/@ariadnelabs/social-distancing-this-is-not-a-snow-day-ac21d7fa78b4

Both of these sites sell online videos and also have a lot of free articles and videos.