Letter of 6/13/2019 Siver Sneakers Gate Article, Pelvic List and pain and Perception


Hello Yoga folks!

Here are a few videos and a few articles.  

I know it is a lot to check out…there is a lot fo info here about what we have been talking about in class lately.

See you in class,


The first one is the original Silver Sneakers article about walking and gait. Thanks to Cindy for starting all of this great discussion.

In the Silver Sneakers article they mention the Trendelenburg Gait. Watch this video by  Dr. Nabil Ebraheim to understand it and how the hip works while walking.  Really informative.

Here is Katy Bowman doing the Pelvic list that we have been practicing in class.

And finally we were talking about pain and perception. This is a good read.